Preschool Classes

Our pre-school classes are fun for participants - but we take them very seriously. We believe a good start in music helps children learn more quickly

We believe a good start in music helps children learn more quickly, not just as musicians but in all areas of their development. Research supports our belief that regular early music tuition is one of the best ways to give your child a head start in education.

Our pre-school classes are split into three zones. Each zone explores the same theme at a different level, following the objectives of the Musikate pre-school curriculum.

Baby and Me is for our youngest musicians - you are welcome to attend from the moment your baby is born! It is designed for babies under 15 months. Away from the hustle and bustle of our toddler session, our Baby and Me classes are a little more gentle. We focus on exploration and bonding. Activities include a taste of baby massage, sign language, treasure baskets, instruments, parachute, songs and special dances. This class is the best choice until your child is walking confidently.

Family Music Time is suitable for the whole family. While we focus on the toddlers in this fun, active class, all ages are welcome. Activities include singing, dancing, playing instruments, exploring a variety of props such as balls, hoops, parachute, stories and much more.

Our pre-academy is a special class for three to five year olds. It feeds into our after-school Musicianship Academy. We start to incorporate music reading through fun games and activities. Your child will also learn all about the piano keyboard.

We also offer a French language immersion session for two to five year olds with parents - a great introduction to a new language through songs and activities.