Musikate Academy

Whatever stage you or your child are at in your musical journey, our musicianship classes are a great way to develop essential skills in a fun and interesting way.

We teach pre-academy classes for children aged three and over. At five they graduate into our academy sessions then at six or seven we encourage them to start having instrumental lessons too.

Musicianship is the backbone of music. It's all the things we need to learn about music - whatever instrument we want to master - to become versatile and competent musicians.

We have built from scratch a curriculum that teaches theory, aural skills, singing, rhythm and much more. Everything in our classes is taught in a fun, practical way - which was described by Essex Music Hub as "fun and innovative".

Regular music lessons have been proven to boost your child's brainpower

As qualified and experienced musicians looking back at our own musical educations we felt a lot of it was taught in a confusing way. So we researched music education theories from across the world to devise an accessible, child-friendly curriculum.

If you would like your child to take theory and practical music exams we can prepare them. We offer Arts Award qualifications too.

The academy also runs workshops and events throughout the year.